I'm buying a house

Who, Why, Where

Hey everyone. On Monday, March 29th I’m going to be closing on a house. It will be the largest individual purchase I’ve made in my life, doubley so considering my wife is roped into it. We did a lot of thinking about what values are important to us, and where we see ourselves for the next 10-ish years. We landed on Tampa.

If you’ve been reading my Twitter, you’ll know that we’ve lived here for the last year or so. We saw the trend of cases spreading increased in cold climates, as well as the remote work trend broadly. I’ve never been one to completely agree with how Florida handled the pandemic, but I’m broadly an advocate for high quality of life at lower cost with year-round warm weather. There’s a good write up here: The Curious Case of Florida’s Pandemic Response

Miami is a wonderful place. It was the only place for us in competition with Tampa. Miami’s benefits are also its detriments. The city is too reminiscent of New York, with the hustle and bustle beneficial for commerse but detrimental for the general fatigue COVID has caused. Miami is also a transcient city - single people come there to have fun, hook up, and then go back home.

A secondary city was much more appealing. People who come to Tampa typically stay in Tampa. The city has a number of vibrant places to visit and things to do, and a strong jobs market, presumably made stronger by tech remotee’s such as myself. It has the only award winning water treatment plant in Florida. Great air quality. Strong patronage and investment from Jeff Vinik and Bill Gates. The sports teams all win.

The house itself is in a suburb to the east of Tampa. It is in close proximity to the city, Orlando, and high enough of an elevation to not be impacted by rising water levels. Buying a house is a very long winded process that I’ll write about some other time. I’ll share photos soon, but needless to say we’re excited.