On Sisyphus and Schooling

Reflections from a bad student

Sisyphus was the son of the King of Thessaly, and married Merope, who eventually became a star cluster. This alone would be a great Personal Life section in Wikipedia, but then there's the boulder.

As the myth goes, Sisyphus tricked Thanatos. Since Thanatos was death personified, people stopped dying on Earth. Ares and/or Hades got mad, and then forced Sisyphus to roll a boulder up a steep hill. Every time Sisyphus rolled the boulder up the hill, it would roll back down, and he would repeat the process.

There are a lot of interpretations of Sisyphus post his boulder judgement. Some absurdists say things like "One must imagine Sisyphus happy", which, sure, fine. But the higher likelihood is probably that boulder rolling was not Sisyphus' passion. On the other hand, after a while, he probably got pretty good at pushing that boulder, and got to trick a few of the Pantheon.

School is a basic good. When you are young, you go to school. This serves a double purpose: your parents can work, and you can get an education. What I was taught is far different than what my parents were taught by virtue of us attending schooling in different countries. Generally, you're not going to agree with everything lecturers educate you or your future children on. You take that trade-off for the general benefits it and your taxes provide.

School is something I largely took for-granted. It was something I attended, got decent grades in, and then left. I didn't go to a world-beater public school, or get any private schooling. Even the university I went to is a public university. I don't think private schools have much merit unless you're explicitly attending a world-beating one. You know the names.

Ultimately, it's an unavoidable part of your life to get an education. I think school largely facilitates that. My education was not at all during lecture, but it was during 'school'. It was during the clubs I joined, which were because of school. For instance, a lot part of my modern network is people I met on various clubs relevant to my interests in high school and university. The remainder can basically be considered school as well, as there were some Tweet-Ups (probably registered, not sure) where I met many of virtual friend in flesh space.

School is an imperfect vehicle, designed perfectly. It will transport you from not having an education to having one. It will do this in ways you may not expect. Despite disliking school when I was in it, I now see it as something which was necessary and helpful in bringing me to where I am today.